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Thermal Conductivity Study

Scope: Some scenarios can truly benefit from 3D thermal modelling. Especially when it comes to light gauge building envelopes or other "stick-framed" assemblies with members perpendicular to each other. Typically, thermal performance is analyzed by a multitude of 2D sections which are then summed up by their relative area, which either neglects or overestimates the influence of members crossing and other line or point conditions. With a full 3D analysis, all these conditions are taken into account.

Thermal conductivity studies are useful on either end of the project development process - be it as a part of feasibility studies, or as a support for contractors.
Country: USA
Client: Nevell Group Inc.
Architect: CO Architects
Size: N/A
Photo: bpl-Ĩesko s.r.o.
Surface temperatures within the structure
Surface temperatures, including the inner cladding plate
Geometric model, light gauge members extended for clarity